3 Bay Storage Kit, incl. 1B Small Parts + 1B Shelves + 1B Yardwork, with Fabric Back

Storage Wall Organizer & Utility Shelf for Yard Tools & Gardening Tools - Adjustable, Easy Assembly for Tools, Shovels, Brooms. Heavy Duty Shelving Units and Storage Solutions for Sports Equipment, Toys, Office Supplies & Crafts. Storage Cube Organizer & Craft Organizer w/ Small Containers, Bins & Drawers for Toys, Crafts, Tools & Small Parts
A place for everything and everything in its place! The ultimate garage garden tool rack & lawn tool organizer for yard equipment & gardening supplies!
Unlike low-grade broom rack & garden tool holder systems with weak garage hooks and hangers, OurCave's Yardwork Bay is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel, with sturdy garage organizer anchors & screws to secure your tools.
Designed to assemble seamlessly with no tools required, our adjustable garage tool organizer lets you space out tools & avoid overcrowding. Includes a variety of garage hook holders & garage racks.
Completely customizable, the Shelving Bay features adjustable steel garage organizers and storage shelving, as well as materials to add cubbies. This freestanding unit also gives you the option to not drill into your garage wall. The perfect sports equipment organizer & metal shelving for storing books, craft supplies, plastic bins & more!
The ultimate customizable, multi-purpose small parts storage organizer for toy storage, books, tools & craft organization and storage!

The Yardwork Bay set includes:
-Durable steel frame (35.4" x 94.5" w/ optional 106.25" extension)
-8 double-prong tool holders for garages
-2 five-prong stacked tool holder arms
-2 heavy duty storage shelves for garage storage
-Base tool shelf (17.7" x 35.4")

The Shelving Bay includes:
-Durable steel frame (35.4" x 94.5" w/ optional 106.25" extension)
-8 heavy duty, steel wall mounted shelves
-Materials for 6 optional cubbies
-Base garage storage shelf (17.7" x 35.4")

The Small Parts Bay includes:
-Durable steel frame (35.4" x 94.5" w/ optional 106.25" extension)
-4 heavy duty storage shelves
-Materials for optional cubby shelving (6 cube organizer shelf units)
-3 durable plastic organizing bins
-Base tool shelf (17.7" x 35.4")
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